LED Street & Carpark lighting

A Recent extension of car parking at Hollins Park Hospital, Warrington used VeeLites low profile LED street light luminaires.   These LED Street lights as shown above are offered with various wattages offered from 15w to 120w provide high light levels with good uniformity, low glare and high efficiency.  VeeLite provide a free design service to determine how many luminaires are needed and their location.

The high quality white light colour emitted has significant advantages over traditional HPS street lighting as it enables clear ‘daylight type’ recognition of colours which helps to identify Pedestrians, objects, etc.  LED lighting also minimises maintenance and relamping with its expected life of 60,000 hours average (or typically 16 years).  This is double the life time of HPS and 3 or 4 times  the lifetime of Metal Halide.

As an option, LED Street lighting can also be controlled by Occupancy Sensor to provide significant energy saving and switching off when it is not required.   Frequent switching is not a problem with LED lighting but is not possible with traditional HPS or Metal Halide lighting.

VeeLite’s illuminated LED Bollards are supplied in 15w version as standard. With optional Sensor control, they usually operate at 1.5w, providing significant energy savings as well as almost maintenance free lighting.

VeeLite also supplies LED Carpark Luminaires, LED Groundlights and LED Floodlights.