Recessed Office LED Light (282)

Recessed Modular LED Panel in 2 sizes, ideal for use in hallways, offices, reception areas, etc, for mounting heights of 2.5m to 4m.

Construction: Outer frame made of aluminium. Polycarbonate opal cover. IP40.

LED:  30W or 42W in 600 x 600 Version; 75W in 600 x 1200 Version.

Optics: Symmetric with 120° Beam. 4000K.  Average Rated Life up to 50,000 hours (L80 @ 25C > 54,000 hours).

Dimensions: To fit modular Panel Ceiling 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 1200mm.

Finish: White as standard.

Options: DALI, Emergency, 5000K.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet:  Download Product Leaflet

Photometrics:  see Lighting Design note.

– 3OFF030L  –  30w LED – Edge Lit

– 3OFF040L  –  42w LED – Back Lit

– 3OFF070L  –  75w LED – Edge Lit

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