Featured Projects

School Grounds Lighting

Castlehill School, Stockport

Industrial High Bay Lighting

ERF Shrewsbury & Staffordshire

Superstore External lighting

Waitrose, Wells near Bristol

LED Street / Car park Lighting

Streetlights, Car Park Lighting

Industrial lighting, Car park lighting and general External lighting

  • Advise or Proposals – generally without cost or obligation – Our customers are typically Architects, Consultant Engineers, Contractors and End Users.
  • Products – Our high performance Luminaires means we typically need less Luminaires and can provide Capital and Energy savings to our customers.
  • Qualified Staff – Graduate Engineers with lighting qualifications are well placed to advise on lighting requirements.
  • Experience – Since 1984, VeeLite have been a leading lighting supplier. We specialise in car park lighting, industrial lighting and general external lighting.
  • Software Tools – Using the latest design calculation software, we can provide exact calculations and drawings ready for issue to site.
  • Flexibility –  We operate from our own 2000 sqm facility near Waterford and have the flexibility and facilities for Product variations and bespoke manufacture.

Take the Tour   Lighting Design Service

Floodlight Array on Pole

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