Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural Lighting Design is a growing discipline within professional architectural services and many universities around the world are now offering specialist Masters Programmes in the area. Have you ever walked into a room or public space and been blown away by the spectacular lighting? In most cases these set-ups have been created by highly trained lighting professionals using specialist products. A well-planned design can add important aesthetic value to a project by enhancing the visual impact, increasing energy efficiency and driving sustainability, as well as delivering health and safety benefits.

VeeLite works with lighting designers day-in-day-out on projects throughout the UK and further afield. Here’s some most popular products these successful designers use….

Architectural Floodlighting Array

Architectural Lighting Design Array

The first measure of success with floodlighting is the performance of the system. Having a controlled, balanced and efficient distribution of light with low glare is vital.

VeeLite’s Architectural Floodlighting Array ticks all the boxes – with a range of different LED wattages, beam types and floodlight accessories that makes this luminaire very versatile and suitable for a whole range of architectural lighting design projects. The Array is extremely efficient and can be added into a smart lighting system to further reduce running costs.

In a recent blog post we discussed smart lighting systems in more detail if you’re interested in this topic.

Flexible Striplight

Architectural Lighting Design striplight

VeeLites Flexible Striplight has become extremely popular with architectural lighting design professional of late. The luminaire is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is a very sturdy design which can even be driven over – making it suitable for driveways.

The ribbon system is designed with simplicity in mind and with it’s easy-install process, installation times for technicians are minimal compared to other options.

It’s possible to order either a single colour or changing colour versions – with the addition of dimming if you are keen to reduce energy costs.

Unique Architectural Lighting Design

Unique Architectural Lighting Design

When specifying a lighting system for a car park, the obvious concerns are to address safety and security. Delivering a well-lit area that is an inviting space for people to walk in and out of is essential.

When designing luminaires for car parks VeeLite always adheres to best practice. Our new designs improve upon previous models available by providing better levels of illumination to add that extra security.

This Unique Architectural Light is a high-performance LED luminaire that is perfectly suited to carparks and plazas and delivers exactly the right amount of illumination.

Cone Shaped Area Light

Architectural Lighting Design area light

Outdoor lighting needs to be carefully designed in terms of  intensity, placement and colour. Good systems will provide safety, save money by conserving resources, be acceptable to  your neighbours, reduce clutter and enhance the feel of the environment.

If you are looking for something that delivers on all the requirements and looks great the Cone Shaped Area Light is a superb option.

Designers use this luminaire in a variety of locations including, hotels, theatre’s, offices and in street lighting systems.

Stainless Steel Wand

Architectural Lighting Design Wand

When introducing a lighting system on or near pathways, the primary concern is for the safety of pedestrians, so a soft glow that doesn’t dazzle is essential. Often these areas are going to be one of the most important parts of a bigger project.

It’s well advised not to place lights too close together and to avoid using lighting that’s too bright – subtlety is the key here as very bright lights at eye level can be blinding and dangerous.

VeeLites Stainless Steel Wand is an architecturally designed luminaire with a stainless steel base. The Wand comes with 33w LED 4K as standard and can be fitted with colour changing LEDs upon request for a more atmospheric feel. A great option for pathways and public spaces.

Ask Our Advice

Please get in touch for advice any architectural lighting design project requirements you may have. Our skilled team have years of experience working with designers and architects and will be happy to assist you any way we can.  +44 161 4081661

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