Architectural lighting

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VeeLite has been a Lighting Manufacturer since 1984, based in Waterford with a Sales Office in Warrington.  

Typically, our Products are of robust construction and provide better light output than our competitors. As we require less Luminaires to achieve recommended light standards, this usually provides a capital saving to our customers – less installation costs, less capital equipment, etc.  This also means less clutter and a cleaner appearance.

To demonstrate this saving, we provide a lighting design/calculation service for suitable Projects.

See example of lighting Design calculation.

Examples of Architectural lighting Projects are shown below.  There are many other Architectural lighting Projects shown in the Projects section of this website.


Over 100 Conical tapered lighting Poles for the Streets around the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, with a mixture of single or twin Luminaires on top and in some cases a Luminaire and bracket at mid height, for footpath illumination.

External Architectural Lighting

Examples above include Heritage Lanterns with Banners, Modern Style, and Classic Style.

The ‘Heritage Lanterns’ are available in post-top or pendant version, with LED optics, and with heritage castings on the lighting Poles to suit the Project. Poles can be strengthened for Banner brackets if required.

The modern sleek ‘Altair’ Luminaires have a glowing effect lens and constant diameter poles, all in metallic silver RAL 9006 finish.

The Classic Style ‘Merrion’ luminaires are with decorative brackets, tubular poles and in black finish.

External Architectural Lighting

Typically the Optra post-top luminaires above can be mounted 50m apart (using 8m Columns), which reduces column clutter, provides more car park spaces and saves substantially on trenching, underground wiring, installing concrete bases, etc.

The Optras on this project illuminate the area between the river and the buildings.

Product leaflets can be downloaded from our Website by Registered Users.Luminaire leaflets include Product details, dimensions, options, application guide/spacings etc, ordering codes, etc.

External Architectural Lighting

Floodlighting with Groundlights and blue light, Step lights at a Hotel Entrance and Pathway Ground lights highlighting the outline of a Pathway.

Groundlights and step lights are offered in various shapes – round, square, rectangular with an option of stainless steel trim and with LED or compact fluorescent options.

Path lights are available with different beam options, 1 beam asymmetric as above. Symmetric and bi-symmetric beams also offered.

External Architectural Lighting

1st Photo above: Highly efficient 15w LED Bollard with option of internal motion sensor control, dimming and various heights. Height option to 2.5m.  Thinner version also available.

2nd Photo:  15w LED Bollard from Stainless Steel.  This Product is available with LED and in a large version to 4.5m height.

External Architectural Lighting

Illuminated Wands offered in both Aluminium or Stainless Steel, with various options including height.

External Architectural Lighting

Both luminaire and lighting column are in stainless steel, manufactured to specification.

External Architectural Lighting

Both the bespoke luminaire and lighting column are manufactured in stainless steel.

External Architectural Lighting

This new product has been photoshopped into this project. We can provide this visual aid, as well as calculating light levels, on most projects in advance.

As well as industrial buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangars, power stations, etc, we also provide lighting for internal car parks, swimming pools, cafés, restaurants, retail stores, exhibition halls, etc.

External Architectural Lighting

We also have our own Aluminium Die-Casting Plant so we have more capability for Specials than most lighting suppliers.

If you have a Project, we can assist you with, please email the drawings to me at:

To download Product literature, please register (see homepage).

Thanks for your interest.

Antoinette Cleary (Toni), Marketing Manager, VeeLite.




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