LED Bollard Lights with Sensors; Why so Popular?

First of all, lets’ talk about LED technology as it has had a huge impact on the commercial lighting market. Light emitting diode (LED) is a comparatively recent innovation and it’s transforming the industry. To a large extent the time really is right for this new type of semi-conductor light source as its energy efficiency properties are far greater than those inherent in conventional outdoor lighting options that would have been used in the past.

So what does this mean in practice for outdoor lighting and bollard lights? Well the average LED lamp life is really exceptionally long; about 30,000, 50,000 or sometimes 100,000 hours before the light output reduces by about 30% of its original light levels. That’s a very long time for a lamp by anybody’s standards! Not only will this save on the cost of replacing lamps over the life of the bollard, it also saves the hassle and time required to order and replace them. LED lamps have excellent safety qualities too as they operate at low temperatures, they are quite small so less likely to break or cause an obstruction and if they are broken, they are safe as they can be configured to work with a 24v supply, which is not hazardous.

Bollard Lights Options

First of all it’s worth mentioning that if you need advice on specifying the right bollard lights for a project, then contact us straight away and we can give you expert advice, supply appropriate specs. and give a highly competitive price. But generally we find that the main considerations our clients have with bollard lighting are typically the performance over time, the health and safety aspects of the lighting, the aesthetics and of course the cost. Often we offer advice on the location and appropriate spacing of bollards, given the nature of the location or project.

Because of the intrinsic energy saving nature of LED bollard lighting, you can naturally expect to pay more initially however this cost is typically minimal in the context of the overall project costs at the outset and by investing in this technology up-front, the cost savings over time are considerable – and proven. Also of course they look great and really enhance the impression of a building at night – see our case studies Gateway House, at Manchester Airport and Townfield Health Centre, near Liverpool.

LED Bollards like our 269 model are typically supplied in stainless steel or aluminium and they can have sensors integrated also, see our 955 LED Bollard.

Why Bollard Lights with Sensors?

We recommend an internal motion sensor where constant light may not be required, and motion-activated lighting obviously saves on cost. It’s often appropriate for paths, plazas and gardens, for example. Single or twin motion sensors are available and they can be set at On/Off or Hi/Low. We can discuss this option, share the cost/benefit implications and make a recommendation appropriate to your requirements.

Contact Veelite

Our team are true industry experts when it comes to specifying and supplying LED bollard lights. We have the technical expertise and the commercial acumen to recommend the best outdoor lighting solution for your project. Our quotes are free and we like to add value to our client’s work, so it makes sense to talk to us as early as possible, to get a clear steer on the best approach.

Please do contact us today – we look forward to your call.

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