Bollard Lights for Winter Nights

It’s pretty safe to say the long summer nights are unfortunately well and truly behind us. So now’s probably a good time to fix your poor pathway lighting by upgrading your bollard lights for the winter months. Health and safety concerns as well as all the relevant regulations mean that it simply makes sense to be confident that you have effective walkway illumination in place, as the evenings get darker.

In this blog post we’ll discuss some of the most popular bollard lights for the winter season.

LED Bollard, Sensor Option (955)

955 LED Bollard Lights for Winter VeeLite

LED options are a popular choice at the minute as they can generally be added to an intelligent lighting system. The LED 955 can be supplied in two different sizes which makes it a good choice for garden, paths and plazas. This luminaire has internal motion sensor options (single or twin) and they can have a wireless system added if necessary.

The 955 is a very robust luminaire with a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours it can be switched on and off repeatedly without affecting its lifespan.

If you need want to see some samples of these luminaires installed at a facility, check out both Cranfield University and Colwich Park Marina – both of which included these luminaires as part of a recent upgrade.

Stylish Design

The Modern Bollard 241 and the Wooden Bollard 85 are proving very popular bollard lights for paths in public and private parks, urban plazas, and walkways.

241 Bollard Lights for Winter VeeLite

The 241 can be supplied in a range of heights from 0.5m to 2.4m and as they are fabricated in die cast aluminium – they are highly durable.

885 Bollard Lights for Winter VeeLite

The 885 is a very attractive option for public parks with its laminated timber finish. The wooden shaft of the luminaire receives 3 protective coatings and can withstand even harshest weather conditions a UK winter the winter can throw at it!  The 885 bollard is installed via a flange plate at the base.

Bespoke Bollard Lights for Winter

Over the past months there’s been a big increase in orders for our bespoke bollard lights. A unique design can really add to the architectural landscape and improve the visual impact of the lighting.

Decorative Bollard Illuminated 363

 Bollard Lights for Winter VeeLite 363

The 363 has been designed to be installed as part of an architectural street furniture project. Produced from a die cast aluminium and with a sand blasted glass lens – it is built to last. This luminaire has the option of being finished with a smooth or ridged top, depending on your preference.

This bollard light is installed directly on to the ground by a separate base.

Globe Bollard Light 362

Bollard Lights for Winter VeeLite Globe 362

The 362 bollard light is another luminaire specifically developed for its high visual impact, to add to the design of the streetscape. Its robust construction – in die-cast aluminium – gives the 362 a long lifespan. The standard finish for this luminaire is grey however other colours are available.

Architectural LED Bollard 162

Bollard Lights for Winter VeeLite 162

The LED Bollard Light 162 comes in a range of three sizes 135mm, 450mm and 850mm. The smallest of the three designs also is very popular as a wall light.

The luminaire is constructed from aluminium with a light grey finish and its ideal for parks, paths and walkways.

Get in Touch

VeeLite is a leading lighting manufacturer and the company has been involved in a number of high profile projects throughout the UK. Please contact a member of our team for a detailed proposal for your bollard lighting project.

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