LED Car Park Lighting? Check out the SupraLED

The latest product we’ve added to our outdoor LED car park lighting range is the SupraLED (900) and it’s proving to be extremely popular with customers – for good reason. LED lighting is fast replacing conventional luminaires, and this model is a new alternative for our best-seller carpark product, the Supralite. In fact, such are the benefits of LED technology that the 280w LED version of the new SupraLED will replace a 400w version of the older Supralite. So whether you are working on a new carpark project, or managing an existing facility that has the Supralite installed, you’ll find the energy efficiency of the SupraLED (900) is hard to ignore and it’s probably your best option in both scenarios. However  this may not always be the case and we can advise you on the right solution, given the requirements of each individual project.

So what’s so good about the SupraLED (900)? Well, it’s a high-performance light that disperses light across a very wide area – ideal for car parks which need parking spaces to be well illuminated for health and safety reasons and to meet regulatory obligations. Given its use of LED technology, this is a highly efficient light and one fitting will typically be sufficient to light 112 car park spaces (this would be about 50m x 50m based on standard parking space dimensions.) Typically an 8m pole is used to facilitate this level of light dispersion.

Cost Saving Benefits

This functional car park light minimises the number of Luminaires required.  This in turn provides significant related cost savings e.g. fewer in lighting columns and bases are needed, the cost of the installation and underground wiring etc. is reduced.  Also, once commissioned and in use, there are an on-going energy and maintenance savings, given the fact that fewer luminaires are in use, and as they last longer, they will be changed less frequently. On top of that, you may find that more car park spaces can be made available and further energy savings can be achieved too if the lighting system is linked to motion sensors, so that they are switched off when not needed or dimmed at low-peak times, etc.

Lookin’ good!

There are aesthetic benefits too. The whole appearance of the car park lighting can be enhanced, with fewer poles and columns and less “clutter” – one OptraLED on a pole looks significantly better than two streetlights back to back or four floodlights. And although Grey RAL 9006 is the standard finish, other colours can be made available.

Your Expert LED Car Park Lighting Supplier

Our expertise in terms of specifying industrial LED lighting solutions and supplying the right products is probably second-to-none. Because we are not just a supplier but we also manufacture lighting products, we have an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of lighting, the pertaining legislation and the commercial benefits of the right solutions.

We can recommend the best approach for your project and cost out the proposed solution, at no cost to you. And we can turn around quotes quickly, if you are under time pressure.

Please do contact us now for a competitive quote, quality products and an excellent service.

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