Lighting Transit Areas in Car Parks

There’s a number of considerations to be taken into account when specifying and installing car park transit area lighting. Here at VeeLite we have years of experience working with specifiers and architects throughout the UK and further afield planning lighting in carparks. In this article, we’ll talk you through some of the main issues, outline best practice and point you in the direction of luminaires that will tick all the boxes.

Car Park Lighting – Safety

Lighting in car park transit area will obviously need to comply with all the necessary regulations around safety. The two major challenges you’ll want to address are perceived safety and actual safety.

  • Perceived safety is how safe people actually feel when they are moving around in the area. It is directly related to the ambiance or mood created by the luminaires. A poorly lit area can have a negative impact on perceived safety. This goes for both interior and exterior car park lighting.
  • Actual safety refers to the lighting required for both cars and pedestrians in transit areas. Careful planning is needed to get it right and always bear in mind that different types of vehicles may be using the area such as cars, motorbikes and delivery vans and lorries.

Our guide to light levels give some gives a good overview on requirements. Please contact us if you need more details.

car park transit area lighting guide

car park transit area lighting guides

Lighting Considerations

There’s a few other things you might want to consider when planning your lighting system….

In large car parks take time to carefully position the lighting poles to reduce the danger of cars hitting them.

Additional lighting may be needed near any barriers at entry and exit points or areas where cars are merging onto roads. These are often accident hot spots so keep this in mind during the planning stages.

Use the lighting wisely to highlight any ramps in the car park and be careful that the luminaires are not causing glare to the drivers.

If you have installed pay points anywhere you may want to add extra luminaires close to them to help reduce crime and make people feel safer using them.

Feel free to contact us if you want to go through any of these aspects in more detail.

Best Practice – Transit Area Lighting

car park transit area lighting led

For transit areas in exterior car parks, lighting is best organised in columns. As we mentioned earlier take care in the planning phase to place these at locations where they are unlikely to be hit by moving cars. Our LED High Mast Lighting is a very popular luminaire for car park transit area lighting. This is a high-performance LED luminaire and is extremely efficient. The LED module can be upgraded so it increases the longevity of the luminaire.


car park transit area lighting lower

If you are expecting lots of tall vehicles such as trucks, van, lorries or buses to use the car park it’s  best to install more lights of a lower height or put the existing lighting higher. Larger vehicles can cast long deep shadows and this is something you will want to try and avoid where possible. We suggest either the LED Car Park Light 900 or the External Car Park Light 903 as two options to overcome this problem. Both of these luminaires provide the correct lighting levels for transit areas and are specifically designed with safety in mind.


car park transit area lighting lower

It’s common for supermarkets and retail parks to have designated family and disabled parking spaces. Often additional luminaires are added beside these parking spaces to increase safety. Our Illuminated Column is frequently used for this purpose.


car park transit area lighting plaza





If you have a plaza area outside the front of the building or a pathway leading to the car park you will want to ensure this has enough light to allow people to adjust when leaving the building which will be much brighter. Many of our bollard and wand luminaires work well at these locations.

The Stainless Steel Wand 285 is an LED luminaire with a 4m height as standard. This is suitable to be used in plaza areas and also at pedestrian crossings.

In some cases, additional low height luminaires may be required. There are plenty of different options available. One popular luminaire is our Seamless Bollard Lighting 590. This is a highly robust luminaire and has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. This bollard light can also be used in paths leading to and from the car park.

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Get in touch with us today to get a detailed proposal for your car park transit area lighting project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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