Cities of the Future – Intelligent Lighting

A hot topic for discussion right now is sustainable smart cities and how to create them. Lowering our demand on energy and reducing our carbon footprint is the focus of many governments around the world. Introducing intelligent lighting into our network of street lights is becoming a strategic priority to help cities be more energy efficient.

VeeLite is an industrial and commercial lighting expert with over 30 years’ experience and has a number of options for exterior lighting that can be included as part of any smart city project.


What is Intelligent Lighting?

Standard street lights are a familiar and essential part of modern cities, providing safer conditions for both road traffic users and pedestrians. However traditional systems are expensive to run and account for a large proportion of the public spend on energy.

Cities of the future will be able to greatly reduce these costs by installing intelligent lighting. Sensors or cameras can be installed on the lighting poles which enables them to detect movement. During quiet periods, or late at night, the luminaires can be dimmed to reduce output and control systems can monitor motion sensors, increasing the output of the light when activated.

The intelligent lights are also able to communicate with one another and the passer-by will be surrounded by a safe circle of light as they walk along the footpath. By adding a level of control to a lighting network, whether public or commercial, its efficiency can be increased – with the benefit of a reduction in running costs; which can be significant where the lighted area is large.


The Future has Arrived

A number of locations have started testing intelligent lighting and the results are promising. We expect to see a big demand for these new systems in the coming months.

Options to Consider

Our new SuperLED and OpraLED are two high performance fittings that greatly reduce energy consumption in their own right. Often they are used to illuminate large areas such as carparks. To give you an example of how effective these new generation of luminaires are; one single LED fitting can illuminate 112 parking spaces. Powerful as they are they typically can provide savings of up to 50% and both models have an increased lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours.

As both of these fittings are LED they can easily be added into any smart city plan. It’s now possible to connect motion sensors or timers to these new fittings. Monitoring the sensors with a control system can then measure usage and help reduce costs. These systems can be controlled via desktop computer or even mobile phone app allowing them to be dimmed or switched off completely if required. Over time software can produce valuable data from the sensors allowing a city or company to have the insight needed to manage their energy more efficiently.

We offer the same system and advantages with the many LED Street lights we carry.

VeeLite have recently completed several Projects across the UK where a state of the art LED street lighting system was installed, giving the client the option of adding occupancy sensors to increase energy savings.


Contact Us

VeeLite was first established in 1984 and has extensive experience in projects both in the UK and Ireland. If you are upgrading your lighting network, contact Veelite today and let a member of our team where we can advise you on your lighting requirements.

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