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Decorative street lights make an attractive feature on any streetscape or landscape. When installed in a public park or roadway, not only do street lights provide safety and security for pedestrians and drivers but they can add character and atmosphere to the area.

VeeLite focuses on designing high quality street lights and we always adhere to the guidelines set out by the Department of Transport and we closely follow the latest publications on the UK Road Lighting website.

Recently we supplied decorative street lighting to Belfast’s Titanic Quarter and you can see from the image above how decorative lights can be incorporated into a public space in a very aesthetically pleasing way.

The Project

The Titanic Quarter – Belfast.

A total of 57 Rooted Conical Tapered 10 M Poles and 57 modern streetlights were supplied for the latest phase of this project. All the poles had had either a single light or twin lights on top, with a lower wattage light on a bracket at 5 meters in height in some cases. Some of the luminaires can be switched off during the daytime to save energy.

decorative street lights belfast

Luminaires were also installed along Great Queen Street as part of the project. These decorative lights are constructed from die-cast aluminium and provide excellent durability and functionality. The high-performance luminaires comply with all the regulations set out by the Department of Transport.

VeeLite successfully won this contract due to the company’s extensive experience in the area. Lighting specification and quotes are provided speedily, setting the business apart from competitors. Veelite’s lighting designers then worked closely with the client to select the most suitable product for the task, deciding how many luminaires would be needed and where they should be located. Once the luminaires had been chosen VeeLite provided the specified equipment within an extremely quick timeframe.

If you are considering adding some decorative street lights as part of your project VeeLite have several options but here’s three of our most popular luminaires……..

Classic Carpark and Street Light (936)

decorative street lights carpark

The Classic luminaire comes in 2 sizes with a choice of different mounting brackets. There are several different LED options also available with this luminaire; Constant Light Output, Dali, dimming and part night dimming to save energy. The luminaire has a die-cast dome and a spun aluminium canopy.

The 936 is a very stylish pendant perfectly suited to a variety of projects where aesthetics are important.

Architectural Road Light (396)

decorative street lights road lightsThe Road Light is a highly efficient LED decorative street light and it can easily be introduced into a lighting management system,  greatly reducing energy consumption costs. The luminaire comes in two sizes and is great for roadways, side streets and many other locations.

With a lifespan of up to 95,000 hours it’s easy to see how the 396 has become a favourite with specifiers throughout the UK.


LED Roadway Light (395)

decorative street lights roadway

The Roadway Light has a very modern feel to it and is one of our most popular decorative LED luminaires. The 395 is available in 2 different sizes and is perfect for roadways. Constructed from die-cast aluminium with tempered glass as standard it’s a luminaire built to last. Finished in grey as standard with other colours available upon request, it’s a practical and attractive addition to many types of public places.

Get in Touch

VeeLite has been working with designers, contractors and specifiers throughout the UK and further afield since 1984. We are leading lighting specialists and will be able to add value to your specifications and make expert recommendations.

Please contact a member of our team today for more information on any of our product range including our decorative street lights.

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