Electrical Contractors Tour

Thank you for your interest. Here is a selection of Project ideas for Electrical Contractors.  I hope they give you an idea of how we can assist.

Donegal Playground

This large Playground was illuminated with only 2 Columns, saving underground trenching, wiring, concrete bases, etc. With wide spacings and minimal column clutter, we can provide a cost-effective Proposal for large area lighting.


Wyeth Pfizer, Grangecastle

Wyeth Pfizer, Grangecastle – This large Facility has the same wide spacings and minimal columns feature, resulting in large Project savings.


Heritage Lantern on swan-neck bracket

Heritage Lantern on swan-neck bracket – we are very competitive in this area and offer LED and several options.


Warehouse lighting Products

For Warehouses with high ceilings, we offer competitively priced schemes for both the Aisles and Open areas.


Power Station lighting

High Buildings including Power Stations (above), Aircraft Hangars, etc are suitable for our high performance lights.

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