External Lighting at Hospitals

VeeLite has illuminated the Car Parks in many Hospitals and Medical or Primary Care Centres.  Examples include: 

(Note: Alphabetically listed and Photos shown where available)

Below: Ballymena Hospital, Co Antrim – Car Park Lighting & Bollards of Various Heights

Hospital External Lighting

Hospital Bollard Lights

Below: Blackrock Clinic Dublin – Road Lighting and Internal Car Park Lighting

Medical Centre Lighting

Internal Car park Lighting

Below:  Hermitage Hospital Dublin – Car Park and Road Lighting

Hospital Car Park Lighting

Below: Kingsbridge Hospital Sligo – Car Park and Road Lighting


Below: Mallow Primary Care – General External Lighting

Hospital Car Park Lights

Below: St Lomans Hospital Dublin – General External Lighting

Hospital Car park Lighting

Below: Waterford Hospital – Car Park Lighting


Below: Wexford Hospital – Car Park Lighting 


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