Specifying Industrial Lighting? Key Considerations


If you’re a specifier or designer operating in the UK and you’re interested in the latest options for lighting that optimise energy use, then this article will give you some pointers. But if you’re short on time and in the process of specifying industrial lighting for a project right now – your best bet is to give us a call; as we can offer expert advice and quickly point you in the right direction. We can help you with the specifications, the costings and the different options you may want to present to the client.

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Key Industrial Lighting Specification Criteria

Energy efficiency in terms of Lighting is a buzz word right now however bear in mind that commercial lighting is an ongoing cost and in the context of an industrial setting, its cost over time can have a significant impact on the financial efficiency of a facility; as well as its environmental impact. Designers and specifiers are well aware of these impacts however the level of technical expertise required to get the spec. right can feel daunting and this is where Veelite can assist.

When we develop help specify industrial lighting solutions, there’s generally eight main considerations you’ll want to address when defining your requirements and here’s a round-up of these criteria….

The Light Source should be efficient in itself and a higher lumen efficiency will offer a more efficient source of light so although this may be outside your control, it does have an impact.

Lighting Colour is typically white in this context however there are many choices in terms of the shade of “white light”; and the choice will depend on the application. A cool white for clarity may be appropriate or something warmer for a better ambiance might suit.

Colour Rendering refers to how the colour is reproduced. For factory lighting, for example, this may not be so important. LED industrial lighting is not strong on rendering for example but it is highly energy efficient.

Lamp life can vary and obviously it’s good to opt for lamps that have optimal life expectancy. Again this is a core area of expertise at Veelite and we can advise you on the best option given the application. You may find our lamp reference guide helpful.

Luminaire Efficiency is described as the Light Output Ratio (LOR) in tech specs and the greater the output, the better in terms of energy efficiency.

Light Distribution requirements will depend on the application so if you need the light to be focussed on a particular area e.g. a production line for factory lighting or walkway, then you’ll want a narrow light distribution.

Luminaire Accessibility is important as they will need to be maintained and lamps will need to be changed, therefore appropriate mounting is important. Security is also a consideration.

Lighting Controls can be integrated in a number of ways; through motion sensors, timers, integrated through the Building Management System etc. and the specification will need to consider if this is appropriate.

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