Factory Lighting Issues

Resolve Factory Lighting Problems – Glare and Light Spill

Are you concerned that productivity might be effected due to poor lighting? Or maybe health and safety is being compromised at your facility due to badly lit work-spaces? Having the correct factory lighting system is vital to make sure your team has good visibility in the workplace and that staff are not uncomfortable due to glare or light spill. We’ve been in the business a long time and are very thoroughly familiar with the types of lighting issues that cause problems in an industrial setting – and the most appropriate solutions.

VeeLite is a commercial lighting specialist and we have been advising clients on the best solutions for their business in this context since 1984. If you think glare or light spill is a problem – we’ve outlined some suggestions below to help tackle the issue.


Glare can come either from direct of reflected light and it’s often caused by the contrast between a bright and dark area. We all know that working in poor lighting conditions can cause problems and the last thing any business needs is a drop in productivity or health issues with staff. There are a number of things you can do to reduce glare…..

  • Add Extra Luminaires

Brighten up your factory lighting system by adding some extra luminaires to darker areas. VeeLite stocks a number of products that can help reduce contrast between darker areas and also reduce glare. Many of the LED options, for example the Industry Lite (501)  can also be operated with occupancy and daylight control systems for increased energy savings.

  • Reduce the Contrast

Painting the background walls in a bright colour can help to lower the contrast.

  • Aiming

Aiming the luminaire away from your staffs’ normal angle of viewing will help to reduce the level of glare caused.

  • Positioning

When planning the placement of the luminaires be sure to spread them evenly over the area so that you reduce dark spots. It is important to take time to consider this during the planning phase.

  • Creating Distance

By creating distance, it is possible to reduce glare. This can be achieved if the luminaires are installed on higher lighting poles. Our recently published article provides some useful information on poles.

  • Shielding

Installing shielding between your employees and the luminaire or for outdoor areas allow hedges or other natural objects reduce the glare.

  • Use of Prismatic Lens

For some high performance Luminaires such as VeeLite’s LED WideBay (265) or Recessed Version (270) , a prismatic lens is added.  This lens reduces glare significantly and also provides a wider spread of light and provides higher vertical light levels including well illuminated walls, machines, racking etc.

Light Spill

Light spill is essentially when the light emitted from the luminaire falls past the intended object or target area. There will be some spill from most external lighting setups, for example in car parks or from floodlights and sports facilities. VeeLite provides plenty of floodlighting options for your project.

Internally, spill is usually directed back by reflective surfaces such as the wall or roof. During the design phase or if updating your factory lighting it is worth considering how to minimise light spill. Appropriate internal lighting can be planned and installed to reduce spill problems. Similarly, when installing retail lighting, there are many options to improve the visual perception of the clothing in the store.

Contact Us for Factory Lighting

VeeLite has extensive experience working with factory managers, designers and specifiers and we can readily identify the most cost effective factory lighting for your project. Take a look at our projects to see the type of solutions we’ve delivered recently. Our skilled team will be able to provide you with a free quote – no matter how big or small your project may be.

Please contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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