High Bay Lighting – The Best Options

Whether fitting out a new premises or updating your existing High Bay Lighting system, there are a number of options to consider when deciding on the right product. VeeLites’ experienced and qualified staff have extensive experience specifying suitable High Bay Lighting and we can advise you on the best fit, given your facility and requirements. A key consideration is energy efficiency and we have the technical expertise and the latest design calculation software to recommend the most suitable set-up.

In this article we discuss when it’s appropriate to use High Bay Lighting and we introduce you to a couple of the most popular luminaires in the market.

When to Use High Bay Lighting

As a rule of thumb high bay lights are installed in spaces with ceilings higher than 25 foot. Suitable for a variety of locations, we generally advise using them in school gym’s or swimming pools, large store rooms, warehouses, sports venues and manufacturing facilities. LED luminaries have improved greatly in the last couple of years and are also more cost effective than traditional luminaries as they significantly reduce energy consumption. Occupancy sensors can be installed on LED systems to make further savings during down time.

Why not take a browse through some of the projects VeeLite has been involved in for more ideas?


High Bay Lighting Options – Best Sellers

Heavy Duty High Bay Light (980)

The High Bay 980 is a very well-constructed industrial luminaire that is frequently found in sports facilities, warehouses and aircraft hangars. Produced from a heavy gauge aluminium gives it added strength and durability. The 980 can be fitted with either 250w to 1000w Metal Halide or 150w to 1000w HPS depending on your requirements.   Our LED High Bay (993) is designed to replace this Luminaire.

Heavy Duty LED High Bay 280w (993)

VeeLites’ LED High Bay 993 has a lifespan from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The long lifetime is achieved by using high performance LED optics. Energy Savings of up to 50% can be made against Metal Halide lighting and more by installing a dimmer to reduce output when the area is not in use; a feature not possible with Metal Halide fittings. It is typically installed between 8m and 30m in large Buildings such as Aircraft Hangars, Power Stations, etc.

The luminaire is constructed from a mixture of aluminium/die-cast aluminium with a toughened 5mm glass lens makes it very versatile and can operate in temperatures of – 30°C to +30°C.

LED High Bay (500)

Our High Bay 500 is an efficient luminaire and suitable in a variety of situations from cold rooms to factories and other large areas. Designed with longevity in mind, the luminaire is modular and LED parts and drivers can be upgraded or replaced as the need arises.  This feature sets it apart from many other products.

A robust die-cast and extruded aluminium housing ensures a long life. Intelligent lighting occupancy and daylight controls can easily be added to save on energy consumption.

LED High Bay max 280w (265)

If you are looking for a luminaire for general industrial use the High Bay 265 is worth considering. It is typically installed from 5m to 10m and with 280w LED optics.  We frequently suggest this as a good choice for food processing areas or areas where glare can be a problem. This product has fantastic light throw characteristics but has low glare due to the large prismatic dropped lens.


Take Professional Advice…..

As you can see there’s plenty of choice nowadays when it comes to high bay lighting. Please do get in touch with a member of our team for more information on any of our products or to discuss high bay lighting options for your project.

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