LED Area Light for Car Parks

VeeLite’s new LED Area Light luminaire is designed for the efficient illumination of large car parks, service areas, parks and plazas and other applications.  It is designed to replace VeeLites popular and highly efficient Supralite Luminaires which used HPS or Metal Halide technology, on a 1 to 1 basis, as well as for the illumination of new car parks or refurbished car park areas.   Typically 1 Luminaire will illuminate an area of 50M x 50M (or 4 Luminaires for an area of 100M x 100M).   Typical mounting height from 6m to 15m depending on wattage, with 8m and 10m mounting the most popular.  This LED Area Light for Car parks is designed specifically for this application and as with all LED technology, can be provided with DALI or dimming control.

The wide spacing between these Car park Luminaires will provide savings, not just in Luminaires, energy and maintenance, but on lighting Columns, Bases and underground wiring and trenching.  The reduced number of Luminaires provides a clutter free appearance and with less Poles, there is more space available for parking.

LED area light Car Park Light

The Product is being entirely manufactured in Veelite’s Waterford Plant.  The Aluminium Castings are also being produced in-house in Waterford in our own Die-casting aluminium facility (T/a Alu-casting.com).

Without cost or obligation, VeeLite provides a lighting design service to calculate light levels and advise how many Luminaires are required for any suitable Project.  Ideally, the customer will send us an Autocad drawing or provide dimensions and details of the area to be illuminated.  For further details, contact VeeLite’s sales department.

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