LED Bollards Ideal for Energy Saving

LED Bollards

Illuminated LED Bollards are produced for several reasons – the size of the optics in the Bollard can be reduced, the long life and reliability is a great advantage saving on maintenance and relamping, the optics can be focused to minimise traditional hot spots (higher light levels) near the Bollard itself which reduce the uniformity (ie. the evenness of light levels); the Bollard can be switched on/off without effecting lamp life; dimming and emergency versions are offered; an extra safe low voltage version can be provided; the Bollards can be connected to Daylight or Occupancy Sensors etc.

In many LED Bollards, the individual LEDs can be individually replaced so the Product is future-proofed.  This also helps in case an LED is damaged or stops working.  Until the individual LED is replaced, all the other LEDs continue to work, so there is usually little impact on light output.


The issue with some LED Bollards is that they can produce glare.  For this reason, most need to be low height and with a baffle or Louvre to prevent any problems to pedestrians.  The other important feature with the design of luminaires is that the LEDs cannot exceed specific heat restrictions, which would cause early failure.  This problem is avoided by designing and manufacturing with suitable heatsink features, which dissipate or reduce the heat.  The more the heat is reduced, the longer life and reliability that the Bollard will achieve.  For this reason, it is important that a reliable manufacturer/lighting supplier is chosen as it is not obvious to buyers whether the proper technical design of the LED module was carried out correctly or not.

Installation of LED options is similar to the installation of most standard Bollards.  There is a choice of Rooted versions which are planted in the ground, or Flanged versions which are bolted to a flat surface, usually the Ground.

LED optics are available in different colour temperatures, so there is often a choice of warm white (3K), neutral white (4K), cool white (5K) and sometimes in daylight (6K), to suit the application.  For example, a Hotel may use a warm white colour but a car showroom may use cool white.   In addition, coloured LED optics may be available – these tend to be used for effect, and not in applications where functional lighting levels are required.

LED Luminaires can be supplied with internal Motion Sensors so they can switch on/off automatically.  They can also be supplied with internal receivers so they can communicate with each other.  In this way, when the first Bollard is switched on, it will switch all the other Bollards on.  All this is completed in a wireless method, so long as the spacing between Bollards is not exceeded.  The switching could be between Bollards and LED optics in other Luminaires such as Floodlights, Street lights, etc.

Because of the advance in LED optics and reliability, a 1 year warranty on LED Bollards is now common from most manufacturers and up to 5 years or more from many Manufacturers.

With VeeLites LED Bollards, a 98% energy saving can be achieved.  For example a typical traditional Bollard would be 70w HPS which uses 77w of electricity.  This can be replaced by VeeLites 15w LED Bollardto provide an 80% energy saving.  However, with a dimming system which will keep the lights operating at 10% output all night, unless activated by movement nearby, the usage would be 1.5W instead of 15w, ie. a 98% energy saving on the original 70w Bollard.

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