LED Warehouse Lights Save Energy and Cut Costs

Warehouse lighting is an ongoing cost that adds up over time. So if you’re interested in driving efficiencies, it’s worth considering your lighting options, especially given the technological developments in the industry in recent years. Veelite can help you specify the best solution, so please do contact us if you are interested in a recommendation and quote. In the meantime, if you want to bring yourself up-to-speed with some of the latest solutions, check out our Warehouse Lights guide or read this article which discusses two options that are proving very popular for warehouses across the UK right now;

Both solutions are designed to save energy and reduce related costs so it’s worth investigating how they might be implemented in your warehouse or industrial facility.

LED Warehouse Lights

Veelite has three state of the art LED Warehouse Lights available to suit a wide variety of facilities;

Heavy Duty LED High Bay 280w (993)

The High Bay 993 is built to last. Constructed from dust-tight robust materials and boasting LED high performance optics it provides extremely efficient lighting. The High Bay 993 is appropriate for many industrial environments and applications including Warehouses, Aircraft Hangars, High Bay Factories and more.

Produced from a mixture of aluminium/die-cast aluminium, with a toughened 5mm glass lens, it can operate in temperatures ranging from – 30°C to +30°C delivering excellent versatility.

With an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 or 100,000 hours, the High Bay 993 is highly efficient and worth considering in a variety of industrial environments.

LED High Bay (500)

The LED High Bay 500 is a high efficiency, low profile luminaire that’s suitable for both high and low bays. This is a very flexible option that is appropriate in a variety of facilities such as warehouses, cold stores, factories, stock rooms and other large areas.

Produced in a die-cast and extruded aluminium housing with heat dispersion features, it’s safe to use in controlled environments. The High Bay 500 is fitted with an internal LED driver and comes with a tempered glass lens as standard – polycarbonate and frosted can be ordered on request.

The LED High Bay 500 has up to 50,000 or 100,000 hours life and can be fitted with an occupancy and daylight control system for additional energy savings, making it one of the best LED Warehouse Lights in the market.

LED High Bay max 280w (265)

This high output LED Industrial High Bay Light produces excellent light throw with low glare, due to its unique prismatic lens. It delivers high light levels on Vertical surfaces (usually 3 times higher than conventional High Bay lighting), and horizontal surfaces making it appropriate for many different applications, ranging from aisles in warehouses, through to open areas in manufacturing facilities where strong lighting is essential.

Because the lens is acrylic and not glass, this light is safe for areas where food may be handled, for example.

Lighting controls/sensors

Did you know that in a warehouse with 10 aisles and 3 staff members it’s possible for each aisle to be empty over 70% of the time? It’s now feasible to reduce costs in empty aisles by installing occupancy controls and this is extremely helpful if a warehouse has aisles with high vacancy rates.  When a member of your team or, for example, a forklift truck passes under a sensor, the overhead luminaire will automatically switch on. For safety, it’s also feasible to set a delay so that the luminaire will remain on after the person has left the area. Our Aisle and Warehouse Light (160) is a great option where a sensor can be installed easily.

Why not contact a member of the Veelite team today for some expert advice?

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