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Light has the power to deeply impact us and leave long-lasting memories – good and bad! Specifiers and architects often use professional lighting design services to create an appealing atmosphere in a room or public space and to increase productivity levels and safety in the work place. In a recent blog post we discussed the growing trend towards using professional lighting designers and how there has been an increase in students being formally educated in the field of architectural lighting design.

Here’s some of the techniques used in good lighting design that you might be able to incorporate into your own project.


Up-lighting is often used in lighting design services to create interesting effects and it can be used to both highlight and shadow features in a room. It’s possible to create atmospheres ranging from intimate to eerie using up-lights. Up-lighting can also be used to add a level of security to a dimly lit area.


lighting design services highlighting

Highlighting is a popular and effective lighting technique for outdoor areas. This is done by placing a ground light at the base of the object so that it can illuminate a feature such as a wall or tree and create intrigue and/or make a building more attractive and inviting – especially at night. You can experiment and create interesting results by trying to vary the angle and distance of the luminaire.

Often LED ground lights are used in this type of application to reduce energy consumption costs.


Lighting Design Services shadow

It’s also possible to create shadowing effects by placing ground lights at the base of a feature such as a tree and aiming the light at an adjacent wall.


lighting design services down lighting veelite

Down-lighting is frequently used on the exterior walls of a building or as an integrated part of canopy lighting. Lighting design professionals place luminaires high up and the light is cast down onto the side of the building and footpath below.

Down lights are frequently used to make the space below appear smaller or more intimate. It’s possible to illuminate a greater part of the area below by raising the height of the luminaire.

Canopy lighting tends to be used outside offices, shopping centres or hotels. These lights can help define the external space and increase safety as people exit the building and adjust to darker surroundings.

Path lighting

Path lighting is most frequently used along the border of the path to increase safety but it can also be used to create a visual effect and the lighting itself can add to the look & feel of the path, becoming an interesting feature in its own right.

lighting design services pathway

Bollards and wands are typically installed in areas around pathways, plazas or carparks. They tick all the boxes as far as health and safety regulations are concerned. Having effective illumination is obviously going to be a major consideration for pathways, so using professional lighting design services is recommended. We recently discussed bollard lights in more detail in case you need more information for your project.

Remember too that if you’re looking for something a bit more unique to add atmosphere to the space –ground recessed lights are a great option.

Our Lighting Design Services

VeeLite provides lighting design services to architects and specifiers throughout Europe – using the latest technology and design approaches. We are able to supply drawings at no cost for suitable projects. With over 30 years industry experience, VeeLite can recommend and supply the best solution, at an affordable price.

Contact us today for more information. Thanks!

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