LED HighBay, max 280w

This LED HighBay is supplied with optics to 280w max.  At this wattage, it is designed to replace the most efficient of 400w Metal Halide HighBays. For older or less efficient 400w Metal Halide HighBays, this 280w LED will provide more light, so a lower LED wattage may be appropriate.Low Glare LED HighBay

The deep acrylic prismatic lens  minimises glare and provides significantly higher vertical light levels (to provide brighter Walls, work surfaces, etc).  This avoids the disadvantage of many LED HighBays which have dark walls and have the perception of poor lighting.  The acrylic lens also provides a protection against accidental breakage of the LED optics.  This would minimise the chance of broken glass, which is an issue in some Industries, such as the Food Industry.  The LED optics and the Drivers are accessible to allow for future upgrades or maintenance, etc.

Typical HighBay Projects in the past were with 400w Metal Halide lamps.  These are still offered, but in most instances, the 280w LED will provide a better payback as energy costs and maintenance will be reduced.  The higher cost of LED equipment will be justified in Plants with longer running hours, especially 24/7  operation.

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