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New LED Area Light

The running costs associated with outdoor car park lighting can be considerable so it’s worth looking into the new LED luminaires available which cut energy consumption, thereby reducing costs. These are available for use in interior and outdoor car park lighting. Because we specialise in this area, VeeLite recognised the opportunity for customers to make worthwhile savings through the latest LED technologies and we developed the LED Area Light as a very versatile luminaire suitable for car park lighting, service areas, plazas, public parks and many other locations. So if you are specifying lighting for any of these areas, please do contact us now and we can talk you through the options. In the meantime, here’s some points to note……

Outdoor Car Park Lighting Considerations

First up, a primary concern will be to make sure people using the car park feel secure and that the lighting is sufficient to park and drive safely. In particular, circulation routes within the car park will need to be well lit. Appropriate lighting is of course a regulatory consideration also – both for general car park users and for staff and by working with a specialist like Veelite, car park owners, managers and lighting specifiers can be confident that a safe solution is specified.

Secondly, it’s important that the luminaires used minimise any light spill and that drivers aren’t at risk of facing into any light glare, which can be dangerous.

The size of the carpark will also dictate the lighting to be specified; smaller car parks are typically illuminated around the perimeter and larger car parks often require lighting poles in the centre to increase visibility. The LED Area Light can be applied to either location comfortably and without causing too much glare or light spill into adjacent areas or up into the sky.

It sounds obvious but you also need to work out how much light will be needed. When planning the lighting system, deep or long shadows between cars should be reduced as much as possible. VeeLite’s LED Area Light is designed specifically to take care of these types of issues.

One final consideration is the need to facilitate people to comfortably adapt to the darkness when moving from brightly lit indoor areas e.g. if driving from an underground car park to an outside road.  The interim area may need to have lighting at an intermediate level allowing people adjust and light spill from windows may help to some degree – it’s worth considering adding exterior canopy lighting or exterior wall lights to make this transition safe.

LED Area Light

outdoor car park lighting veelite uk

Our new LED Area Light is designed with efficiency in mind. The luminaire can be integrated into a smart lighting system with the inclusion of a DALI or dimming control. The luminaire has the power to illuminate areas of 50M x 50M (4 luminaire areas of 100M x 100M) setting it apart from many other models in the market.

Due to the efficiency, fewer columns and bases are needed than would be with conventional luminaires and this has a key advantage in the context of car parking, as it leaves more spaces for cars – for private operators this helps increase revenue, given the added capacity. The additional space is also more aesthetically appealing and it creates a less cluttered feel throughout the area.

We produce the luminaire from aluminium casting for extra durability.

Contact VeeLite

VeeLite has worked with specifiers, designers and facility managers for decades identifying the most energy efficient, effective and safe lighting solutions available. We are the definitive lighting experts as we design, manufacture and distribute lighting for large and small projects across the globe. If you need any help in relation to outdoor car park lighting please get in touch.

Contact a member of our team now to discuss your requirements – we look forward to hearing from you.

Call 00 44 161 408 1661 or contact us here.

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