Commercial & Industrial Lighting Scotland

VeeLite are represented in Scotland by Norrie Scott who is widely known in the Lighting Industry.  Our knowledge and expertise in the Specification market is supported by State-of-the-Art lighting software.  This provides lighting layouts and calculations on Autocad drawings, ready for rapid issue to Contractors on site.

Norrie can be contacted on Tel:  01592-650058  or Mobile 07711-207273

VeeLite Project solutions are illustrated below:



The ‘SupraLED’ is designed solely for lighting large Car Parks.  Providing high average light levels with excellent uniformity at wide Pole spacings, it  offers significant savings on Capital costs (Groundworks, Trenching, Number of Poles and Lights etc) as well as typically approx 50% energy savings compared to older Products. For maintenance, a 100,000 hour design life is offered.

Using Autocad Drawings, VeeLite offers Lighting Calculations to model lighting schemes and to determine the optimum solution.  The SupraLED is shown below.  It is also offered with a Tripod.


Typically 1 of these Luminaires will illuminate an area of 50m x 50m. (or 4 Luminaires will illuminate an area of 100m x 100m).  The efficiency of this Retail Park External lighting solution means there is less column clutter and the lighting scheme has a clean, minimalist appearance.  Typical Pole height is 6m to 12m with 8m being the most common height.

LED Lights Nightime in Rain

The Dark Skies and Cut-Off Optics are shown in this Photo. The Daytime picture is shown below.

Car Park Lighting

This Product is also offered with a Tripod mounting system:

External Carpark Lighting

Retail Plaza Lighting


Older Car Park lighting Scotland Projects include:   

Braehead Business Park Glasgow, Scotland. 

Business Park Lighting

Asda Retail Store Car Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Exterior Retail Car Park Lighting

Inverness Retail and Business Park

Retail park external lighting






VeeLite offer a range of LED Street lights, suitable for Residential roads, Streets, Car parks and general external lighting.  LED lighting offers the advantages of energy saving, typically 50% and long life, typically 100,000 hours. Using Autocad Drawings, VeeLite offers Lighting Calculations to model lighting schemes and to determine the optimum solution.

LED Road Light

Residential Road Lights

Our Functional Streetlights are often used on Residential roadway Projects.  We are qualified and have the software to provide lighting calculations in the correct format for submission to Local Authorities.

Residential Road Lights


Architectural LED Streetlights are also offered which connect to Conical lighting Poles using discreet brackets.  These are usually specified for Projects where appearance is a priority.

Architectural Road Light

Local Authority Decorative Street Lights

Merrion Series of Decorative Street Light has a Classic appearance and is used on a wide variety of Road lighting Projects.

Classic Carpark & Street Light

Classic Car Park lighting

LED Roadway Lighting

Pathway Lighting

Architectural LED Lighting

Architectural LED Lighting


Premier Inn Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland (HPS Project)

Hotel car park lighting





VeeLite offer a lighting design service to our customers for suitable Projects, to calculate light levels, quantity/type of luminaires needed, locations, etc.  If you wish, we can offer the first calculation and issue photometrics so you can check or change this calculation afterwards.  The customer would typically send us a Site layout as an Autocad drawing in dwg format*.  We add the Luminaires and show lux levels on these drawings, together with other information and return to the customer.  See example below.




We have staff trained and qualified to provide public road lighting calculations.  In addition, we use the software specified by the Local Authorities.  This is in addition to our main Lighting Design software.  This Local Authority lighting design software enables the Local Authority to take our calculations and edit or compare them in-house.  Finally, the Products we supply are to Local Authority requirements.



Photo of High Mast Lights at Night time


Crane Light LED


Football Pitch with nightime Floodlights


Landscape Lights

Landscape Floodlighting


Linear Groundlights


Inground Pathway Lights


Stainless Bollard lights

2m Light Bollards

Food Industry Lighting

Hardware Store Lighting

High Bay Lighting

Warehouse Lighting



See  VEELITE.COM  Website for Project details, Product Details, Literature, etc.

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