LED Recessed Light, max 200w (270)

Ceiling Recessed Industrial luminaire with excellent light throw characteristics providing high vertical light levels. Ideal for food industry and clean room applications.

Construction: Stainless Steel trim with high impact acrylic refractor permanently sealed to the trim. Aluminium housing located behind trim/refractor in roof space. Remote IP20 ballast enclosure as standard.

Lamp Access: Hinged and silicone gasketed optical assembly is held in place by heavy-duty corrosion resistant, high compression latches.

LED Panel Access: Removeable via 8 no. screws. Two handles provided for easy handling and installation.

Gear: Remote, supplied in an IP20 Housing to be located in roof cavity. Surface mounted IP65 version available on request.

Lamps: 450w PMH/400w HPS.

LED: Up to 200w LED. 4K as standard, 3K on request.
Lifetime: L90 B10 – >50,000 hours (25°C).

Driver: 700mA as Standard. 350mA or 500mA on request.

Mains Surge Immunity: 6 kV. 10 kV on request.

Fixture Free (FF): Luminaire and trim fixings are above the ceiling. No fixtures are visible in the production area.

Bolted Version (BL): Stainless Steel trim is mounted via bolts visible from the underside of the luminaire, fixed through the suspended roof.

Installation: Mounting Brackets (Z-Brackets) to suit 100mm (4”), 150mm (6”) or 250mm (10”) ceiling thickness. 150mm (6”) Z-Brackets as standard. Alternate sizes available on request.

Options: Dimming/DALI (with LED version), remote emergency pack.

Product Compliance: EN 60598, CE.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

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