Motion Sensor Wall Lights


New Product - Smart Sensor Wall Lights

Veelite introduces its new Smart Series of SideLite. These Lights have hidden internal Occupancy & Daylight Sensors and a high output, single or twin, long life, 42w CFL lamp to provide instant high quality white light. Available in 2 distinct options:


1: Default is OFF but switch ON WHEN NEEDED (Somebody within 6m), or

2: Default is 10% light output but switch TO 100% WHEN NEEDED.

(In both cases, fittings will not operate during day time because of internal photocell)


– Typically 90% energy savings.

– Lamp Life extended / minimal maintenance

– High quality White light instantly when needed

– Time delay (adjustable) before lights switch off or back to 10%.

– Light spill / Dark skies friendly

– Security Aid as lights will switch on only when approached.

– Ideal replacement (1 for 1) with existing 70w HPS Bulkhead.

– Typically 12m spacings and 3m height for new Projects.

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