VeeLite Adds Die-Casting

die-casting-products-webVeeLite has extended its manufacturing capability by its recent purchase of the business of ‘Waterford Castings’ a long established Aluminium Casting business.  The business is now trading as and it supplies die Castings to a wide range of OEM customers, including VeeLite.   The business was relocated to our Kilbarry plant, together with the Staff and management. The Technical Director has over 30 years experience in the aluminum casting business.

The Die castings used in many of our Products – Merrion Street lights, LED & Louvered Bollards, Supralites, etc  have been tooled and supplied by this business.  Most Product developments in the future of new LED lighting Products over the coming years will involve this company.

This Die Casting business also manufactures for several other OEMs in both the UK and Ireland.

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