Veelite Industrial Lighting

Veelite was established in Waterford Ireland in 1984 and has since become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of  industrial lights for car parks, business parks and retail spaces.

We supply a wide range of outdoor industrial lights to architects, consultant electrical and lighting engineers, contractors, installers, specialist wholesalers, and engineers in the retail, industrial and commercial sectors.

We have built a trusted reputation by supplying our specially designed outdoor lights to a number of the world’s leading companies, including Pfizer, ABB, Intel, Caterpillar, Lufthansa, Tesco, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, E-Bay, IBM, and Microsoft

Superior Performancing Outdoor Industrial Lights:

Performance is Veelite’s key strength. We specialise in producing a variety of outdoor industrial lights that require less luminaires to achieve the same lighting levels as other competing products. Our superior technical design provides customers with a number of advantages, including lower installation costs, lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption.

From an aesthetic perspective, Veelite’s superior range of outdoor industrial lights allows for the creation of more open areas with less clutter and more free space.

In addition to supplying our regular products, Veelite also possesses the ability to make adaptations to our outdoor industrial lights to create customised lighting products based on each customer’s individual needs.

High Quality Outdoor Lights:

All of our products are manufactured and tested to the highest European standards. Our systems for the design, manufacture & distribution of our lighting products are audited each year by a certified independent body (NSAI).

Instead of relying on statistical quality checks, we test every luminaire in each of our outdoor lights to ensure they are of the highest quality before they are dispatched.

At Veelite, we also offer a lighting design service conducted via email. Through this service, we are able to send our potential customers with detailed proposals by supplying them with Autocads with detailed lighting layouts and calculations. We perform this additional service to ensure that our customers get the most of our outdoor industrial lights.

A Diverse Range of Outdoor industrial Lights:

Veelite manufactures a wide range of outdoor industrial lights. Our  range of outdoor lighting products include:

  • Exterior Car Park Lights
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Exterior Roadway and Street Lighting
  • Floodlighting including LED Floodlighting
  • Heavy Duty Floodlighting including Marine and Crane lighting
  • Light Sensor Controlled Lights
  • Wind / Solar Lights

Visit to find out more about our extensive range of outdoor industrial lighting products.

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