Warehouse Aisle Lighting

Warehouse Aisle lighting typically requires Sensor controlled  lighting for the  individual Aisles.  The Open Area may use the same lighting but would not usually be Sensor controlled as it is busy all the time.  In ABB above, the Warehouse Aisle lighting is with energy saving Racklyters.

With 20 Aisles and a Warehouse Staff of only 3, this means that the individual Aisles are empty over 85% of the time.  In this case, a 6 month payback was provided.   Refitting from other forms of lighting will usually provide significant energy savings and typically a 6 – 12 month payback in lighting costs.

Warehouse Aisle Lighting

These T5 Luminaires are supplied with optional integrated Occupancy Sensors so they switch on instantly if someone (or a Truck) passes underneath.  An adjustable time delay switch ensures the lighting only switches off after the Aisle has been vacant for a sufficient period.

Energy savings, longer lamp life and less maintenance are the benefits.   Emergency is also offered as an option.

Other recent lighting customers include Johnson & Johnson, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Glanbia, etc.

To get a detailed Proposal for your Warehouse Aisle Lighting project:

Please send enquiry by email and drawings if relevant. There is no charge or obligation for suitable Projects.
We will calculate the Warehouse Aisle Lighting required and advise light levels. We will advise where they should be located and the cost of the Equipment. Other lighting may need to be added for landscaped areas or to add decorative architectural effect.

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