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Guidelines for safe and efficient warehouse lighting. Warehouse lighting is essential for smooth manufacturing operations, productivity and labour safety.

Warehouse Health and Safety

Health and safety regulations stipulate that adequate lighting be provided in factories and warehouses. This includes sufficient lighting for staff as well as a lack of glare and reflection. In work stations where intricate work is undertaken or where machinery is operated, this is particularly important. Additional lighting may be needed in some areas of the factory. It is important to consider not only the overall warehouse lighting, but also the requirements of individual work stations and processes.  VeeLite recommend using White light.

Warehouse lighting within the food and drug industries should avoid using luminaires that attracts insects. Lighting that attracts insects such as houseflies can be installed alongside a targeted system to eradicate them from the factory.

Emergency lighting provides illumination should evacuation need to take place. The British Standard provide the guidelines for emergency lighting. Most modern buildings will have emergency lighting installed during construction.

Some ballasts and transformers will emit a constant humming noise. These can be used in areas where there is constant background noise but not in areas that require complete silence. In many cases noise levels can be reduced by encapsulated ballasts.

In areas where dust can contaminate lighting, lights may need sealed optics. Explosion proof warehouse lighting may also be required, depending on the nature of the factory.

Industrial lighting should be manufactured to European standards.

There are numerous  long established rules and regulations for warehouse lighting and health and safety. Energy efficiency standards however, are constantly adjusting in line with modern technology.

Energy efficient warehouse lighting:

There are a range of really significant benefits to installing energy efficient lighting in factories and warehouses.  Increasingly, companies are  considering their impact on the environment and taking responsibility for the environmental costs involved in energy generation. Efficient lighting minimises a company’s impact on the environment. Factory buildings that use outdated metal and T12  tube flouresent lights, waste energy and have higher electricity costs as a result.. These lights are set at full power regardless of whether areas are occupied or not.

Warehouse lighting that responds to occupancy and to daylight can be more efficient.These lights can either be switched off completely or dimmed down to low levels when a particular area is vacant or has enough natural light. Light can be controlled  manually, according to timers or by integrated sensors that sense movement and light. Although there is an initial outlay involved in this type of lighting, the benefits will soon show in your lower electricity costs as less energy is wasted.

Another simple way to save energy is to change old fashioned lighting to energy efficient lamps and bulbs.

There is no one warehouse lighting system that will fit every business. Each case is different and in some cases bespoke lighting design may offer the best results. Specific Lighting design can target and enhance specific areas of the factory, according to your needs and priorities.

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